Library data

In this page, the statistics of the cDNA libraries and sequences contained in PRIGEN are described. Chimpanzee 5'-ESTs were annotated by comparing to human RefSeq transcripts.

Table 1. Chimpanzee cDNA libraries and sequences.

Individuals Organs or tissues cDNA libraries All 5'-ESTs Sakate et al. (2003) Sakate et al. (2007) ***
Female, 11 yrs. old * Brain Cerebellum cortex PccA, PccB 2,503 10,405 415 1,043 19 49
Cerebrum cortex, frontal lobe (right) PflB, PflC 6,345 0 5
Cerebrum cortex, occipital lobe (right) PorA, PorB 1,557 628 25
Liver PlvA 86 47 0
Male, 19 yrs. old ** Skin, epidermal tissue PstA 3,513 857 41
Total 14,004 1,947 90
* Tissue was obtained by autopsy from individuals that died of illness.
** About 10 g of skin tissue was obtained by biopsy.
*** Full-length sequenced. See References and Download on top page.


Figure 1. Annotation of Chimpanzee 5'-ESTs by comparing to human RefSeq transcripts.
a. Classification by BLAST search (E = 1e-60). 12,217 5'-ESTs were homologous to human RefSeq transcripts (NM and NR) ****.
b. Numbers of annotated 5'-ESTs (RefSeq homologs). The total number of RefSeq transcripts was 6,719, including redundancy among derived organs ot tissues. In total 5,192 unique RefSeq transcripts were obtained.
c. Numbers of RefSeq homologs among the cDNA libraries (organs or tissues; see Table 1).

**** Release 98 (Jan 21, 2020). Sequences with acccession prefixes of NM (curated mRNA) or NR (curated ncRNA) were used.